An offshoot of our Knowledge Management Solution (KMS) approach, this is the next most sought-after solution by our clients. While KMS projects are executed by a mix of domain and documentation consultants, the domain consultants view your existing processes from a critical perspective

The PRISM Approach:

As our KMS projects offer a detailed break-down of process components, it is easy for our domain consultants to pick up opportunities for improvement thereon. This approach is known as PRISM - Process Improvisation and Solution Module. Rather than focusing on core activities, the consultancy we offer here centres on selecting and suggesting ideas for improvement that can be easily incorporated into existing practice arrangements. This is a key differentiator between TRIPRO and other business consultancies.

The PRISM approach covers:

Cost Savings

Risk Identification and resolution

Process bottleneck reduction or elimination

Optimization of resources, systems or infrastructure

Industry best practices

Improvements in cycle times or response times or Customer Turn-Around Times (TATs)

Any specific area - Pain point resolution

System or Platform Solutions

People Solutions

TRIPRO believes in

 long-term partnerships with flexible engagement models that help both partners transform the way they do business.

TRIPRO helps clients meet their business challenges by designing and implementing solutions that deliver rapid and recurring benefits.